Fuel Up Safely

10 Tips to Dodge Pump Scams at Petrol Stations!

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Ensure zero at metre before refuelling 

Check the meter before refueling to avoid paying for fuel that wasn't dispensed due to tampering. 

Try to purchase fuel of odd amount 

Perpetrators at fuel pumps often cheat by setting lower fuel volumes for specific amounts, deceiving customers 

Check what fuel the attendant is dispensing 

Watch for attendants filling high-octane fuel without permission, costing more with no benefit for ordinary cars; always verify fuel type.

Refuel at a reputed petrol pump 

Choose reputable pumps for safer refueling; trusted stations often have better-managed attendants. 

Ask for quantity check 

Confirm fuel discrepancies by requesting a calibrated container check; exposes potential pump cheating. 

Stay Vigilant 

Avoid distractions while refueling. Stay focused on the process and your surroundings to prevent any potential scams 

Be Wary of Offers 

Be cautious if the attendant offers deals that seem too good to be true. Stick to the standard rates and procedures